Corinne Gavlinski

CEO and Founder, The Gav Group

Corinne is a Board Certified Executive Coach and former SVP. She helps leaders to improve team connection and trust essential for performance. She is CEO of The Gav Group, LLC, an executive coaching and advisory firm. Corinne previously held senior positions in financial services and healthcare, including CipherHealth, Inc., AbleTo, Inc., WebMD Health Services, EXL Health, and JP Morgan Chase.


Day 1

April 18, Tuesday

time (PST)



01:30 pm

CS Ops

The role of CS Ops in success planning

30 mins

Join us to learn why success planning matters and how expectation setting, goal setting, onboarding, executive buy-in, and support are all critical components of driving successful projects.

You’re one step away from onboarding greatness

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