World’s first customer onboarding conference
March 15-16, 2022

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We just concluded Propel22, our two-day mega spectacle that caught the attention of over 3000 customer onboarding and implementation professionals.

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2 Days
25+ Industry Experts
30+ Sessions
March 15thMarch 16th

Tuesday, March 15th

09:00 am PST
Srikrishnan Ganesan
CEO at Rocketlane
Conference Kickoff
Welcome Note
Mar 15, 9:00–09:15 am PST
09:15 am PST
Lincoln Murphy
Founder at Sixteen Ventures
Customer Onboarding: AHA! or WTF?
Opening Keynote
Mar 15, 9:15–10:00 am PST
10:00 am PST
Star Hofer
VP of Customer Success at PartnerStack
Are you delaying your customer’s success?
Mar 15, 10:00–10:30 am PST
10:30 am PST
Ed Powers
Principal Consultant at Service Excellence Partners
Handling the most critical moments in the customer journey
Mar 15, 10:30–11:00 am PST
11:05 am PST
Irit Eizips
Chief Customer Officer & CEO at CSM Practice
Creating early wins with the first value delivery framework
Mar 15, 11:05–11:35 am PST
11:35 am PST
Bill Cushard
GM Partner Success at Dragonboat
No more feeling stuck. Let's kick-off creating your first 15 training videos.
Mar 15, 11:35–12:15 pm PST
12:15 pm PST
Emilia D'Anzica
Founder at GrowthMolecules
Starting the renewal at Hello
Mar 15, 12:15–12:45 pm PST
09:00am GMT +5.30
Mar 15, 9:00–10:50pm GMT+5:30
01:00 pm PST
Jeff Kushmerek
Founder and CEO at Infinite Renewals
Why onboarding is tough - war room stories
Mar 15, 01:00–01:30 pm PST
01:30 pm PST
Jerry Henry
Director of PS and Onboarding at Sendoso
What no one told you about scaling your onboarding team
Mar 15, 01:30–01:50 pm PST
01:50 pm PST
Aaron Jones
VP Services at Hubspot
Scaling onboarding at HubSpot
Mar 15, 01:50–02:10 pm PST
02:10 pm PST
Deepak Kumar
Chief Customer Officer at ContractPodAI
How to use onboarding to accelerate expansion and increase NRR
Mar 15, 02:10–02:30 pm PST
02:30 pm PST
Meg Lovell
Senior Director, Business Transformation
What every implementation should measure: establishing successful KPIs
Mar 15, 02:30–03:00 pm PST
03:00 pm PST
Mikael Blaisdell + Kristen Hayer
Onboarding and the company organizational chart
Fireside Chat
Mar 15, 03:00–03:30 pm PST
03:30 pm PST
Maranda Dziekonski
Chief Customer Officer at Swiftly, Inc
Setting up an onboarding motion that'll scale with you
Fireside Chat
Mar 15, 03:30–04:00 pm PST
04:00 pm PST
Srikrishnan Ganesan
CEO at Rocketlane
Prelude for Day 2
Mar 15, 04:00–04:15 pm PST

Wednesday, March 16th

09:00 am PST
Donna Weber
Author, Keynote Speaker and The Customer Onboarding Expert
Who thinks you're customer centric? You? Or your customers?
Opening Keynote
Mar 16, 9:00–09:45 am PST
09:45 am PST
Srikrishnan Ganesan
CEO at Rocketlane
Scoring your onboarding on the Maturity Model
Mar 16, 09:45–10:15 am PST
10:15 am PST
Alex Farmer
VP of Customer Success at Cognitive
A frictionless customer journey: how CS Ops helps drive smooth onboarding and beyond
Mar 16, 10:15–10:45 am PST
10:45 am PST
Matthew May
GTM Strategy Advisor at Insight Partners
Accelerating outcomes with Value Gap Mapping
Mar 16, 10:45–11:30 am PST
11:30 am PST
Rod Cherkas
CEO at HelloCCO
The post-sale SCALING™ Framework: packaging your services offerings to support fast growth
Mar 16, 11:30–12:00 pm PST
12:00 pm PST
Mary Poppen
Chief Strategy and Customer Officer at
Leveraging customer intelligence for customer onboarding success
Mar 16, 12:00–12:30 pm PST
09:00am GMT +5.30
Mar 15, 9:00–10:50pm GMT+5:30
01:00 pm PST
Lincoln Murphy
Founder at Sixteen Ventures
How to design and implement an effective onboarding process
Mar 16, 01:00–01:45 pm PST
01:45 pm PST
Peter Armaly
VP of Customer Success at ESG
Building a better strategy for effective go-lives that can lead to greater solution adoption
Mar 16, 01:45–02:15 pm PST
02:15 pm PST
Rahul Sridhar
Let's play a game
Mar 16, 02:15–02:30 pm PST
02:30 pm PST
Gemma Cipriani + Kristi Faltorusso
Overcoming onboarding challenges from Seed to Series B
Fireside Chat
Mar 16, 02:30–03:00 pm PST
03:00 pm PST
Aaron Thompson
QBRs are stupid. OBRs are smart.
Mar 16, 03:00–03:30 pm PST
03:30 pm PST
Srikrishnan Ganesan
CEO at Rocketlane
Mar 16, 03:30–03:45 pm PST


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